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The Process of Selling a House

The process of selling a home is not like a one and end transaction. It's a collection of steps in which you have to deal with the state laws for doing different types of Purchases that could affect the finality of the sale. When we talk about an agreement, it's a form or a Paperwork about the Price and terms between the seller and buyer in the first step. Home Buyers Birmingham the seller will either accept or reject the offer and the whole procedure involves just one counteroffer or the multitude of the counteroffer between the buyer and the seller.

We can say that it's a meeting of mind that changes the status of an active listing to a Pending sale. Time for Inspections - It's a Phase of Home inspection before closing in which a buyer will negotiate with the seller if an inspection turns up an unexpected defect. Having a defect in your Property will cost a great deal to defect. Then, the repairs take time, and the house isn't sold yet when they're accomplished.

It's not even considered sold in case if the buyer is satisfied with the results of the inspections. The Buyer's Loan approval takes time from a few days to a week (50 days - almost two months) to pass between the applications applies and the closing date.

A Contingency Sale - it is very important to close escrow on an existing home before moving to purchase a new home. This Process is also called contingency sale and the contingency must usually be satisfied or released to move forward with the contract. Remember that a home is not technically sold until you didn't have legally own it. it sold only when the deed has recorded or funds have distributed. if you want to sell your home Don't hesitate to contact Home Buyers Birmingham and get help in any situation.